When the placements haven’t started and actually in the last placement i saw tht many people follow many totkas and all kinda superstitious stuff before their interviews, i always felt it a bit stupid..But now im in ring..though i didn’t followed all the stuff that feel is crap..
Its just that i wore same shirt which i myself tagged it as my lucky shirt for some no reason, over and over again. After first few interviews it got sweaty and ironed over and over again. Did few more things which some of you nerds might think of as crazzy but whatever. Not writing here for some manoti copyrights and censor issues.

Okay enuff crap..now back to business..after having the first interview i waited for next seven days to face interview..it was the choice  i made to wait skipping few interviews in bw..Unfortunately and to my surprise and adding to my tension this decision was  right according to few and was wrong according to another few..

Mistake was that i talked with many people(read irreverent) and unnecessary busted my mind and in bw got hold of few special friends who really helped me in my decision making process. All this time i knew that im going to get into company i like but was worry and tensed from inside that wat my parents wud be thinking of me right now. I don’t know how to pour this into words or say this but whenever im in trouble and needed to boost up my confidence i got a call from my parents. This time was no exception. Dad talked with me for like 20 mins with me on phone and and as soon as i hang up i knew what i had to do and all my trouble went in a blink. He just told me, not to worry or panic and just prioritize your parameters, you already have a job you wanted so just wait till you find a company with better work profile than this one.
One of my friend also has told me the same thing sometime back but when dad said this thing, i got relieved.

So I was in for Market Rx’s on 7th day. I gave this interview keeping in mind tht i don’t want this one..and it  worked..He asked me 2-3 puzzles..Two of them were some probability based and one was of river crossing..after solving them he gave a sentence to fill in.
It was : I is ?
I thought and first wrote alphabet and after crossing it out i said vowel..he smiled..
i knew tht i was half way through..in between i messed up with company name.. said market research instead of market rx..he laughed..
His face transitions in this 20 mins told me that im in for 2nd interview and within 5 mins he called me for tht..now this  guy was bit more serious. Interview went for 30 mins where he was trying to convince me that i have skills for all the sector but analytics and all this time i was doing otherwise.. so in the end i  didn’t got through..was sad as soon as i heard this but as i got my senses back i realized tht its good for me only..

Was shortlisted for Sony Japan and just before it was scheduled to arrive, news came that Sony is shedding 80,000 jobs worldwide. Still those 15 Japanese came to India. It seemed much that they came to party then to select candidates.

We(wing mates) as sincere descendants, followed the ages old legacy of our wing’s forefathers. Our wing was jinxed that no one would going to get a job as long as the person who has already got in near past has left the wing. It was said and written and we started justifying it with full faith!

First Sahil got job in db, he was in wing for next 5-6 days and left for home. Just after that aman got into market rx..when he left yogi got into sabre and when he left dhakad cracked mecon..and just when i was hoping its now my turn guess what happened..yogi came bak to wing..hona kya tha..how cud i disobey the age old tradition..companies came and went and i didn’t left the ground.. :((

Neways then this company came and i didn’t believe it when i saw its jaf. It has precisely the contents i was looking for. I gave its written test and got a place in 30 shortlisted. While i was waiting for my turn for interview one person came out after his interview and told that they were asking nothing but mathematics.. statistics.. expectations.. probability and all.. as soon as i heard this my eyes got flashed and i knew that this is the chance i have..as tht was the course i had read recently and was good at. I knew that very few people over there were familiar of this. My turn came and they asked me something like 3 dozen questions on Stats..  Probability.. Analytic Maths..after this interview i had no doubt tht i won’t make this round. And i did..9 selected out of 30 and went in for more grilling mathematics interview. This time panel has got more people and far from my expectations this was a stress interview. They asked me questions mostly on resume and general knowledge and watever i answered they said that its wrong..but i stick to them. After interview i was all tensed and had feeling that im not going to make this one. Felt relieved actually when all candidates who went thru that panel came out feeling the same.

Finally list came and i found my name on top. Mission Accomplished. So happy ending for the story.Thanks to the stars for favoring me in time. Except a little less pay package everything was exactly i dreamed of!

Came back to hostel, met wingies..and yea i broke that jinx our wing has got 😀