This time God really spoke to us through food.

So kids(:P) it was the summer of this very year last tuesday to be precise when i was watching the second episode of How I Met Your Mother (Season 4) with yogesh and malpani(my wingmates). Plot was that Marshall search for that mischievous “ultimate” burger he tasted when he first came to New York. And I guess the most ironic part of that was all 3 of us were starving to death when we started this episode. At that very moment they started showing some of the most disturbing images which none of us would have anticipated.
Man, we just wanted those inside our mouths. There were burgers all around. And not just burgers…they were cheese burgers..we exchanged some very divine glances towards each other..all of us knew wat exactly is going on other person’s mind and stomach actually..all 3 of us just wanted the same thing..The Burgasm!

After 3 big days of patience, the animal inside me again got woke up..i happen to go at pop tates and oh sweet lord…i had My first Burgasm there..

I mean that first bite. Oh, what heaven that first bite was…
There was a slice of tomato. a leaf of cabbage, and a…patty of cheese so exquisite and then the most amazing part the grilled potato slice.. so soft tht it was swirling in my mouth- breaking apart and combining again. So…delightful.

At that very moment i was thinking of what Ted said in the show: “I am never brushing my teeth again, unless it’s a toothbrush made from this burger.” and i felt exactly the same at that moment.

This was really God speaking to me through food.