I know it has been really long since I wrote something and probably no one reads my blog now but i guess thats the way it is…
But here i am back to this hoping again that i will actively pour in something everyday here.. The idea here is to capture all the light–soft-dark-lucky-fun-happy(with their respective antonyms) moments that i came across or was forced into in these last two hilarious months. Why hilarious? Because this ride of this placement season was no less then the intraday snapshot of the BSE index. Full of up’s-down’s of state of mind, this small brain of me has seen so many transitions in this little time. It is actually ironical that the company i got placed into derived its name from the word Brain.


Anyways first of all a few updates….before a tormenting placement season started i had a PPO from one financial company i did my intern into and surprisingly i liked the work over there, the money that was offered to me also good so all cards were on place that time. But then September came and it burned all the dreams into ashes, actually it tried but still few tits-bits of that still hovering over my mind. Still i had this thing in mind tht watever be the case i now going into finance.

Uncertainities of I-Banks in placement made me think whethere i need to buy the traditional i-banker suitss or not. But unfortunately i did. Phase 1 over…Pockets empty…The grand total neared 8 grands. Then comes uncertainties,well there was only one – whether you are gonna get the job or not?!! Well despite of me being positive i voted for a “no” as the only preparation i had for an interview was based on keeping financial companies in mind, read a course that i did on statistics (had no idea why i read this course particularly).

Even more interesting was the interview preparation season.Two days before the interview u can see people carrying a “Be Prepared”, “HR interview questions ” . Preparation ranges from Case Study and Finance to Coding and Tech(there is no go dear,the resumes are already prepared and now we gotta justify it). There were many companies for which i gave aptitude test and was waiting fr shortlists. Just 2 days from starting of placements a shortlist of P&G came. and surprisingly i saw my name on it, thogh i did good on my aptitude test and was truthful on psychometric test but to be frank was not expecting to clear that tedious process.

Neways i was in for day 1, and then my stupid comp got busted. Somhow i prepared for it n went for the interview. The D day…Everyone dressed up in formals,some looked cool ,some looked boring while some(like me) looked struggling to breath some air.

My first interview, was feeling nervous to be frank- all i had in mind was man! its P&G, it was all so much hyped in my mind that i started sweating and perspiring. Just before my interview my managed to get out of tht phobia though. He (The Interviewer) called me, the guy was so soft spoken and told me tht this is going to be the most casual and simple interview of your life. He cracked a joke, we started talking casually, he asked me about my family and stuff..this initial conversation really help me get hold of my bourses. The questions he asked were purely situation based and behavioral. Few of the questions that i remember that he asked were-

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Describe a situation where you have faced a difficult situation and came out of it successfully
  3. Achievement you are most proud of?
  4. Were you had led a team and delivered result
  5. Were you had faced time-resource constrained
  6. Where you didn’t live up to people’s expectation
  7. You were wrong and ur teammates were right and failed/ still got good result

There were some 8-9 grilling questions that he asked. When I got out of the place i felt that now i know more about myself than i did before. The only thing in doubt was whether i must go home now or i shud wait for solanki to finish his Interview. Finally the results were out. I thought i’ll get through this but unfortunately i didn’t. Was dissappointed but nothing can be done then. It was an unforgettable experiance, those 45 mins gave me hell lot of learning that i can carry whole thru my life. So Day1 was over. Sahil (my wingmate) managed to crack DB, wing’s first job…actaully hostel’s first and only job on tht day..

Now the waiting game begun, faced no interview for next 6 days. Mumbai attacks add on to it after the recession hit. Many companes back-out from the campus recruitment, many postponed their visit. So the dream of getting into good financial company was getting diminished. Coz of the PPO in hand denied interview to few companies and didn’t signed the jaf of many companies for which i regret for next 15 days.

Will post the remaining placement scene in my next post. Till then Xo Xo!


This time God really spoke to us through food.

So kids(:P) it was the summer of this very year last tuesday to be precise when i was watching the second episode of How I Met Your Mother (Season 4) with yogesh and malpani(my wingmates). Plot was that Marshall search for that mischievous “ultimate” burger he tasted when he first came to New York. And I guess the most ironic part of that was all 3 of us were starving to death when we started this episode. At that very moment they started showing some of the most disturbing images which none of us would have anticipated.
Man, we just wanted those inside our mouths. There were burgers all around. And not just burgers…they were cheese burgers..we exchanged some very divine glances towards each other..all of us knew wat exactly is going on other person’s mind and stomach actually..all 3 of us just wanted the same thing..The Burgasm!

After 3 big days of patience, the animal inside me again got woke up..i happen to go at pop tates and oh sweet lord…i had My first Burgasm there..

I mean that first bite. Oh, what heaven that first bite was…
There was a slice of tomato. a leaf of cabbage, and a…patty of cheese so exquisite and then the most amazing part the grilled potato slice.. so soft tht it was swirling in my mouth- breaking apart and combining again. So…delightful.

At that very moment i was thinking of what Ted said in the show: “I am never brushing my teeth again, unless it’s a toothbrush made from this burger.” and i felt exactly the same at that moment.

This was really God speaking to me through food.

The banking carnage continued as Citigroup, the biggest US bank by assets, took over the banking operations of the latest casualty, Wachovia, for about $1,6bn this monday.

Citigroup will pay $1 a share, or about $2.2 billion, according to people briefed on the deal.
Wachovia is the latest casualty of a financial crisis that drove Lehman Brothers Holdings and Washington Mutual into bankruptcy and led to the hastily arranged rescues of Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns.

The purchase gives Citigroup about 3300 branches and offices in 21 states.

These turn around really seems to keep Citigroup, BoA and barclays busy..

Okay, to start with..what made me start blogging all over again..
So actually my sleep cycle and my daily routine is bit screwed up these days..some days wid loads of work and some wid absolutely nothing..Some random thoughts received with no context in it, no pre-conceived notions or bias….I am trying to rectify this problem for a long time now but it’s one of those chronic issues that just keeps reverting to my ugly head…really difficult to find any Esc key in the vicinity..Many things are happening at the same time..so fast tht they actually getting blurred now…Newayz nothing too serious, i think i found the way out..will try to pester more of my stimuli response with another post at some another time..;)