Okay, so silence here for past few days is coz I was busy finding new ways to get bore and lazing around. So, It’s the end of the week and I thought that it would be a good time to share what I haven’t shown yet since I have nothing else to do today…. Actually I had nothing to do for last one week or so and not planning to do anything in the coming week also..but whatever. Its like fishing you know..fishing…its boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting. Fishing and fifth year in IIT..just the same. I never intended to write this boring(confusing to some mebbe!) entry up at this weirdly hour but somehow this thought came to me..

People now-a-days believe their life is so boring that nobody would possibly want to read about their irksome chronicles.
But these same people would admit that stumbling upon an old diary or writings of their X’s or great grandparent, for example, would be a treasure beyond contemplation.

Ahh, so basically what puzzles me is whats the difference between ur life and those of ur grandparents??

You’re great-grandma didn’t write about her life because she didn’t think her life was anything special. To hear her tell it, her life was boring. You don’t write for the very same reason. You’re great-grandma now has great grandchildren wishing that she had done and thought differently. Someday you’ll have great-grandchildren that will wish and hope the same of you!!!!

As a matter of fact this is the only good thing about getting bored, breaking the silence of my weblog and throw some crap out of my not-so-working mind as the best way to be boring is to leave nothing out. And anyways any topic can be made interesting, and using our very own law of reversibility any topic can be made boring.

Over the last few weeks the typical conversation that I witnessed between any two fifthies who unfortunately bump into each other would start wid “hey man…wassup..whats goin on in ur life?”. Now herez a thing why wud he ask this to him as if he cares or gives a damn about his problems..no actually the thing is that his own life is so miserable and boring so he just want to know how much more boring his life is as compared to his friend. And in reply to this silly question, his poor friend would have to dig deeper and deeper into his history to find something interesting to tell…
Well, so I can conclude now that only good thing about getting bore is you start making sense out of senselessness. Pretty confusing huh! But as someone said that,
That which is static and repetitive is boring.
That which is dynamic and random is confusing.
And, in between lies art…

Anyways, I am expecting some real turnout of events in the coming week so hopefully things wud be good by then..till then happy fishing..:)


Turns out there are plenty of tags floating around that I haven’t done, and soon the debt will start counting as sub-prime [:p] so there’s no harm taking a few up to prevent my reputation (ha!). But first, some news off the top of my head.

Last one month was really eventful for me. As I am passing by from one scroll to another in my ad-hoc journey in IIT, I happen to visit few more cities last month.   First one was a splendid journey to south to my sis’s place at Manipal where I had stayed for 3 days and saw bucketful of exquisiteness in the form of beaches, temples and added attractions. My bro gladly joined me and my sis for visiting Murdeshwara & Kapu Beach. From Mumbai if I see its as south you wanna go before you face nothing but endless water. It is a small and beautiful “unadulterated” India.

Following this trip there was another was in store for me.  My Maiden Goa Trip.  Before actually going for this trip I tried for like 200 million types to visit Goa but it always ended like bitter grapes to me. It was my first time in Goa and I right now am finding it difficult to suppress the enormous grin that is fighting to struggle free from the confines of my lips so tightly pressed together.

The serenely private and sensually elegant Palolem beach, located on the southern coastline of Goa features exquisite ocean-facing accommodation, each with veranda, sunbeds, and indulgent amenities. Internationally acclaimed as the perfect avatar of elegance, our every need was attended to with gracious hospitality, and the distinctive artistry of Goa is discovered at every turn, from sound of the outer ocean on the beach to cute little co-co beach huts surmounted by authentic Goan music. In night you just need to look into the sky and you’ll have one hell of a strawberry swing ride..

To sign off…

Be, what you wanna be, taking things the way, they come,
nothing is as nice as finding paradise and
Sippin’ beer in the summer sun.

Living life the easy way,
got your way to let it run,
nothing is as cool as drifting in the sun light,
Sippin’ beer in the summer sun.

The mesh came out like a damp candle. The days became shorter, nights shorter still. In all the glooming nights there came the flickering flame of looming PAFs [refer appendix]. The atmosphere is rather taking an agonistic behavior. Freely roaming skulls near canteen arena and about corridors, trying stay in shadows of frozen nights. Every now and then one of them is taken away to the land where none wish to step. It is where the unwary are dragged to work into the ungodly hours of the LAN-free night, breaking their backs over bamboo brackets, tying rope onto those shaky frames destined for their three hours of glory. Glue, papers bearing old news, and posters have something to do with it all, if I remember correctly from the early days of my captivity. Talking about days that comes into life of all the freshmen on the holy land of IIT.

My Journey from 1st to 5th year was rather eventful, five year apart yet looks so overlapping. My first bondage with PAF was at times of ‘Kasturi’ (whom I am pleased to belong) whose scars finally got faded in my fifth and last year on set of ‘If Tomorrow Comes’ by hostel 3, 8, and 11.

If Tomorrow Comes, was a story about a man who finds himself living the same day over and over again. This man from Mumbai was reluctantly doing a job in some campaign advertising company. Everyday he keeps on facing the same problems on his way to office and back to home and he makes no effort to hide his frustration. On awaking the ‘following’ day he discovers that it’s the same eventful day again, and again, and again. First he uses this to his advantage, then comes the realization that he is doomed to spend the rest of eternity in the same place, seeing the same people do the same thing.

dsc017781Depicting the same thing in theater in single cut was one hell of a task. There were teams of Acting, Script, Choreo, Voice-Overs, Music, Fine Arts, Lights, and the backbone Prod. Definition of successful PAF as i heard in my first year is the skillful coordination among all these departments and large participation of freshies. Fortunately this year we were blessed with both. It was very much enjoyable feeling to watch that set of people; more like a military regime, from 1st to 5th year and some chicas from 11, working at 10pm then the same set at 2 am then again at 5 am and then at 8 am.
img_22961The dedication show by kids from both the hostel in prod was commendable. They were so enthusiastic and fresh even at those oddly hours of day. I want to name so many here who worked with me but not writing for the sake of those dearly names which my stupid mind forgot. We worked in deadly night , we worked in scorching Sun, we worked without sleeping for those 3 godly days but never no one gave up. We gave OAT the look which would remain unforgotten in Chronicles of PAF.

Everyone who even once lifted a pliers, bamboo, drilling machine, script, paint brush, mike, guitar, chicas 😀 in OAT was a part of this successful production. Thanks a lot people. I hope and wish that we will win too, Can’t think of a better passing out gift then that. Still results do not matter, it was a successful and cherishable time for all of us specially for batch of 2004 from hostel 8.

Appendix: Performing Arts Festival (PAF), is an annual event in IITB of a scale in its own league. It aims at a production of about an hours’ duration that will encompass all performing arts (viz: Acting, Music, Dance, Voice-overs) as well as other aspects like Fine-Arts, Lights, Sounds and Sets among other things. 2 or 3 hostels pool in quite a lot of their strengths to ensure the success of their PAF’s, in what is the culmination as well as the high point of Cultural Activities for the Year.