It’s been a while, I try to convince myself, but the mind is still reeling from the blow. The blow i was waiting for since i started this weblog, i.e. to write my last entry while in IIT, and with all academic commitments fulfilled. Finally I graduated. These elusive five years comprised of all already discovered human emotions, memories and several interesting incidents. The incidents i might use sometime to crack a burst of laughter among my friends, family or as a bedtime story to my nephews..

Before coming here everything I’d heard of IIT in those days of ignorant bliss seemed to be like a fairy tale – a conspiracy to mislead. Although, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be but leaving this place, the life as a student is like peeing on yourself, everyone see’s it but only you can get the warm feeling that it brings..

Missing moments here in IIT might gets easier as days pass in the hustle bustle of real Mumbai that i m going to face shortwhile. Or, it might gets tougher and tougher, time will tell..all i know is that i won’t be complete idiot…some part of me will always be here in insti..

Post College, the real big hurdle of life begun…chasing money! Fortunately, my job joining date is in later part of august so got time and motivation to plan something new, something big. Plan again for chasing money and thus happiness…ahh money though can’t buy happiness but it for sure make misery easier to live with. I intend to live forever with this dilemma, so far so good.

Had so much of happy times, but overall, I am just happy to be on the way out..