Turns out there are plenty of tags floating around that I haven’t done, and soon the debt will start counting as sub-prime [:p] so there’s no harm taking a few up to prevent my reputation (ha!). But first, some news off the top of my head.

Last one month was really eventful for me. As I am passing by from one scroll to another in my ad-hoc journey in IIT, I happen to visit few more cities last month.   First one was a splendid journey to south to my sis’s place at Manipal where I had stayed for 3 days and saw bucketful of exquisiteness in the form of beaches, temples and added attractions. My bro gladly joined me and my sis for visiting Murdeshwara & Kapu Beach. From Mumbai if I see its as south you wanna go before you face nothing but endless water. It is a small and beautiful “unadulterated” India.

Following this trip there was another was in store for me.  My Maiden Goa Trip.  Before actually going for this trip I tried for like 200 million types to visit Goa but it always ended like bitter grapes to me. It was my first time in Goa and I right now am finding it difficult to suppress the enormous grin that is fighting to struggle free from the confines of my lips so tightly pressed together.

The serenely private and sensually elegant Palolem beach, located on the southern coastline of Goa features exquisite ocean-facing accommodation, each with veranda, sunbeds, and indulgent amenities. Internationally acclaimed as the perfect avatar of elegance, our every need was attended to with gracious hospitality, and the distinctive artistry of Goa is discovered at every turn, from sound of the outer ocean on the beach to cute little co-co beach huts surmounted by authentic Goan music. In night you just need to look into the sky and you’ll have one hell of a strawberry swing ride..

To sign off…

Be, what you wanna be, taking things the way, they come,
nothing is as nice as finding paradise and
Sippin’ beer in the summer sun.

Living life the easy way,
got your way to let it run,
nothing is as cool as drifting in the sun light,
Sippin’ beer in the summer sun.