It’s been a while, I try to convince myself, but the mind is still reeling from the blow. The blow i was waiting for since i started this weblog, i.e. to write my last entry while in IIT, and with all academic commitments fulfilled. Finally I graduated. These elusive five years comprised of all already discovered human emotions, memories and several interesting incidents. The incidents i might use sometime to crack a burst of laughter among my friends, family or as a bedtime story to my nephews..

Before coming here everything I’d heard of IIT in those days of ignorant bliss seemed to be like a fairy tale – a conspiracy to mislead. Although, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be but leaving this place, the life as a student is like peeing on yourself, everyone see’s it but only you can get the warm feeling that it brings..

Missing moments here in IIT might gets easier as days pass in the hustle bustle of real Mumbai that i m going to face shortwhile. Or, it might gets tougher and tougher, time will tell..all i know is that i won’t be complete idiot…some part of me will always be here in insti..

Post College, the real big hurdle of life begun…chasing money! Fortunately, my job joining date is in later part of august so got time and motivation to plan something new, something big. Plan again for chasing money and thus happiness…ahh money though can’t buy happiness but it for sure make misery easier to live with. I intend to live forever with this dilemma, so far so good.

Had so much of happy times, but overall, I am just happy to be on the way out..


Okay, so silence here for past few days is coz I was busy finding new ways to get bore and lazing around. So, It’s the end of the week and I thought that it would be a good time to share what I haven’t shown yet since I have nothing else to do today…. Actually I had nothing to do for last one week or so and not planning to do anything in the coming week also..but whatever. Its like fishing you…its boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting. Fishing and fifth year in IIT..just the same. I never intended to write this boring(confusing to some mebbe!) entry up at this weirdly hour but somehow this thought came to me..

People now-a-days believe their life is so boring that nobody would possibly want to read about their irksome chronicles.
But these same people would admit that stumbling upon an old diary or writings of their X’s or great grandparent, for example, would be a treasure beyond contemplation.

Ahh, so basically what puzzles me is whats the difference between ur life and those of ur grandparents??

You’re great-grandma didn’t write about her life because she didn’t think her life was anything special. To hear her tell it, her life was boring. You don’t write for the very same reason. You’re great-grandma now has great grandchildren wishing that she had done and thought differently. Someday you’ll have great-grandchildren that will wish and hope the same of you!!!!

As a matter of fact this is the only good thing about getting bored, breaking the silence of my weblog and throw some crap out of my not-so-working mind as the best way to be boring is to leave nothing out. And anyways any topic can be made interesting, and using our very own law of reversibility any topic can be made boring.

Over the last few weeks the typical conversation that I witnessed between any two fifthies who unfortunately bump into each other would start wid “hey man…wassup..whats goin on in ur life?”. Now herez a thing why wud he ask this to him as if he cares or gives a damn about his actually the thing is that his own life is so miserable and boring so he just want to know how much more boring his life is as compared to his friend. And in reply to this silly question, his poor friend would have to dig deeper and deeper into his history to find something interesting to tell…
Well, so I can conclude now that only good thing about getting bore is you start making sense out of senselessness. Pretty confusing huh! But as someone said that,
That which is static and repetitive is boring.
That which is dynamic and random is confusing.
And, in between lies art…

Anyways, I am expecting some real turnout of events in the coming week so hopefully things wud be good by then..till then happy fishing..:)

Turns out there are plenty of tags floating around that I haven’t done, and soon the debt will start counting as sub-prime [:p] so there’s no harm taking a few up to prevent my reputation (ha!). But first, some news off the top of my head.

Last one month was really eventful for me. As I am passing by from one scroll to another in my ad-hoc journey in IIT, I happen to visit few more cities last month.   First one was a splendid journey to south to my sis’s place at Manipal where I had stayed for 3 days and saw bucketful of exquisiteness in the form of beaches, temples and added attractions. My bro gladly joined me and my sis for visiting Murdeshwara & Kapu Beach. From Mumbai if I see its as south you wanna go before you face nothing but endless water. It is a small and beautiful “unadulterated” India.

Following this trip there was another was in store for me.  My Maiden Goa Trip.  Before actually going for this trip I tried for like 200 million types to visit Goa but it always ended like bitter grapes to me. It was my first time in Goa and I right now am finding it difficult to suppress the enormous grin that is fighting to struggle free from the confines of my lips so tightly pressed together.

The serenely private and sensually elegant Palolem beach, located on the southern coastline of Goa features exquisite ocean-facing accommodation, each with veranda, sunbeds, and indulgent amenities. Internationally acclaimed as the perfect avatar of elegance, our every need was attended to with gracious hospitality, and the distinctive artistry of Goa is discovered at every turn, from sound of the outer ocean on the beach to cute little co-co beach huts surmounted by authentic Goan music. In night you just need to look into the sky and you’ll have one hell of a strawberry swing ride..

To sign off…

Be, what you wanna be, taking things the way, they come,
nothing is as nice as finding paradise and
Sippin’ beer in the summer sun.

Living life the easy way,
got your way to let it run,
nothing is as cool as drifting in the sun light,
Sippin’ beer in the summer sun.

The mesh came out like a damp candle. The days became shorter, nights shorter still. In all the glooming nights there came the flickering flame of looming PAFs [refer appendix]. The atmosphere is rather taking an agonistic behavior. Freely roaming skulls near canteen arena and about corridors, trying stay in shadows of frozen nights. Every now and then one of them is taken away to the land where none wish to step. It is where the unwary are dragged to work into the ungodly hours of the LAN-free night, breaking their backs over bamboo brackets, tying rope onto those shaky frames destined for their three hours of glory. Glue, papers bearing old news, and posters have something to do with it all, if I remember correctly from the early days of my captivity. Talking about days that comes into life of all the freshmen on the holy land of IIT.

My Journey from 1st to 5th year was rather eventful, five year apart yet looks so overlapping. My first bondage with PAF was at times of ‘Kasturi’ (whom I am pleased to belong) whose scars finally got faded in my fifth and last year on set of ‘If Tomorrow Comes’ by hostel 3, 8, and 11.

If Tomorrow Comes, was a story about a man who finds himself living the same day over and over again. This man from Mumbai was reluctantly doing a job in some campaign advertising company. Everyday he keeps on facing the same problems on his way to office and back to home and he makes no effort to hide his frustration. On awaking the ‘following’ day he discovers that it’s the same eventful day again, and again, and again. First he uses this to his advantage, then comes the realization that he is doomed to spend the rest of eternity in the same place, seeing the same people do the same thing.

dsc017781Depicting the same thing in theater in single cut was one hell of a task. There were teams of Acting, Script, Choreo, Voice-Overs, Music, Fine Arts, Lights, and the backbone Prod. Definition of successful PAF as i heard in my first year is the skillful coordination among all these departments and large participation of freshies. Fortunately this year we were blessed with both. It was very much enjoyable feeling to watch that set of people; more like a military regime, from 1st to 5th year and some chicas from 11, working at 10pm then the same set at 2 am then again at 5 am and then at 8 am.
img_22961The dedication show by kids from both the hostel in prod was commendable. They were so enthusiastic and fresh even at those oddly hours of day. I want to name so many here who worked with me but not writing for the sake of those dearly names which my stupid mind forgot. We worked in deadly night , we worked in scorching Sun, we worked without sleeping for those 3 godly days but never no one gave up. We gave OAT the look which would remain unforgotten in Chronicles of PAF.

Everyone who even once lifted a pliers, bamboo, drilling machine, script, paint brush, mike, guitar, chicas 😀 in OAT was a part of this successful production. Thanks a lot people. I hope and wish that we will win too, Can’t think of a better passing out gift then that. Still results do not matter, it was a successful and cherishable time for all of us specially for batch of 2004 from hostel 8.

Appendix: Performing Arts Festival (PAF), is an annual event in IITB of a scale in its own league. It aims at a production of about an hours’ duration that will encompass all performing arts (viz: Acting, Music, Dance, Voice-overs) as well as other aspects like Fine-Arts, Lights, Sounds and Sets among other things. 2 or 3 hostels pool in quite a lot of their strengths to ensure the success of their PAF’s, in what is the culmination as well as the high point of Cultural Activities for the Year.

Bright Colors, Spicy Bhajiyas, Punjabi Dhol and Thandai with bhang (which unfortunately i was tricked into!), so my last Holi in IIT was started in style. Among all the festivals and holidays this is the one which has some invasive qualities i have always been aroused of! This is the only festival…ohh yea apart from THE Valentines Day that we all GUYS celebrate together and with utmost passion. Celebration this year was though no different than the earlier versions but the feeling that this is matter where i go what i do, i won’t be playing in this manner ever again, really add on to the excitement. People roaming around in torn clothes, rags and undies. Doors were banged hard, some were forced open and the people were dragged outside and stripped half naked and then hysterical mass of color all around.

When I was a child I used to make water balloons to throw them at the people passing by from our ceiling; balloons with some messages written over it. I attached notes and message – detailing every wish, and fantasy that i had at that age, with the notion that if the balloon hits someone then God definitely would grant me that wish.

water-balloon4 Everything was fun but more to it..there was Hope, some tiny little infinitesimal hope that my balloon would not gonna go waste. Many balloons got hit and many got wasted; something stopping me to recollect what all wishes i wrote on those balloons but i guess that this something is again nothing but Hope.
So I hope that all those balloons which got hit on target would have something i really wanted then.

I’ll gonna miss the insti holi hope that holi brings colors in my life and makes it beautiful and great..

PS: A Very Happy Holi to all of you!!

Eyes got full of dirt, Face got dull and tanned, Feet got tired beyond description, Back was hurting like hell, Tongue got sunbaked like a clay..But Still, Feeling light in my head and joy in my heart (or may be the other way round! ).
This is no poetry, or actually something I did not intended to but my Road trip description to Bhandardara in a nutshell. It took me no time to realize that man! I do like to travel. Fortunately I am blessed with friends who think alike. But my memory is a bit weak and the experience was first of its kind to me and my friends so after some wacky nights and turnovers in between I am afraid that I will forget the little things that gave me such joy during my journey. So then the idea came from aman that why not you post it on your blog, this way we’ll alwayz gonna have the every minute details of the fun time we had.

So our lukkhi wing once again came up with the ideas to do something this weekend thts 14-15 Feb. Fortunate thing is that we never fall short of ideas, and Unfortunate thing is that we never able to implement the same. So a night before we all sat and decide some rules and guidelines that no matter what we are not going to ditch ne plans henceforth, Emosanal Attyachaar to some mebbe! Newayz after so much jaddojahad we managed to arrange 3 bikes (2 Pulsars and 1 Thunderbird) and 5 people, including four of us, B1Lites (Aman, Sahil, Yogesh and Me), and Solanki. So when the stage was set to go, I found that because of that stupid Valentine’s day all the rooms in MTDC are booked so we had to alter our plans and planned to leave Sunday Morning. Isn’t it ironic that no matter how much you try to run away from this Valentine’s Day festival (to some!), you alwayz gets trapped into it. Its like God is having some sort of sarcastic smile on us. Okay, so atleast someone is happy.
So here we are, Sunday morning 3’o clock we all woke up, everyone had their stuff ready by then, Aman packed all his cosmetics, accessories while we were busy looking curiously at him then. Finally at 4’o clock we 5 left from H8 on three of our bikes to our maiden bike trip to some hill station.

So, Lying 170 kms from Mumbai and 70 kms from Nashik lies a beautiful spot in North of Maharashtra called Bhandardara. Famous for its scenic beauty, this place, though not developed enough, lies close to Igatpuri.
Okay then, So I began my journey of a 200 Kms with a broken rear view mirror and a leaky tire. We reached the thane junction of NH3 (The mumbai – agra highway) at 5 am. This was a slow and relaxed ride since we had hardly 180 km to cover. We took our morning tea halt at 6am at some dhaba on the highway and a another 20 mins halts along the way where me and aman tried our hand at some photoshoot. NH3 was in a bad shape for a majority of a portion. NH3 is a 4 lane highway, but there was road work going on everywhere and as a result, there were just 2 lanes free with lots of diversions and roadblocks. We had to keep switching from the left lane to the right lane at many places.

We found some signboard of forest region in between and as we thought that we are already ahead of time so we decided to go over there. After we climbed ghats of somewhere round 1.5 Km dawn was just broke. Sunrise time, it was awesome! The stillness of the early morning scene enables me to take in and enjoy many things which pass me by during the bustle of the day. First, there are the scents, which seem even more generous with their offerings than they are in the evening.

A ride through the craters of NH3 we reach the Igatpuri village..where we had our morning breakfast there at some punjabi dhaba. We thought that Igatpuri ghats would be fun to ride on, but it was full of heavily loaded trucks struggling to climb up at a snails pace and us bikers winding our way between them. So after some more hustle bustle we reached Bhandardara crossing Ghoti on our way at around 10’o clock. Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything. We got our room at MTDC at about 11. Again then the planning phase begun. What to do now, Where to go, Should we rest or straight forward go for some adventure. Once again fortunately we didn’t fell short of ideas, and once again unfortunately we lacked anticipation to implement them. Finally it was decided tht we’ll go to the Island in the evening. We went for a country side walk to collect some stuff to carry to the island. The Island, this was the place in particular which made us to choose Bhandardara in first place, as we heard a lot about it from seniors. We fixed the boat for us at Rs. 600 to the island and back initially but later on tht boatwala screwed the deal and demanded us Rs. 1000, I bargained and as we had no other option we fixed it for Rs. 800 and from 4-9 in the evening.
We all 5 sat in a rowing boat with some 20-25 odd villagers sitting around us. The moment made us think of the scene from Swades. The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist. All of them were looking at us with utter curiosity and some with disguise. When the boatwala was leaving us at the island we make sure to tell him to collect us back at 9’o clock as our very first look of the island was surprised, scary and awesomeeee!

It was a small, tiny uninhabited and isolated island which had no sign of even flora-fauna on it. We thew our stuff at some place and started seeing what this Island has in store for us. We again started photographing each other, making sure that no one gets missed on ne backdrop we cover. In hardly 20 mins time we covered the whole space. There wasn’t enough dry wood for our campfire plan, so then we started getting some scary thoughts that soon there will be dark, what are we going to do then, in a matter of time we fell short of water, fortunately we had pepsi and some other stuff so was relieving to some extent.We were just hoping tht someone will come to our rescue. Discussed the technique on how to catch the fish if in case we have to live on this island only :).
Well, in the meantime we photographed us in very disturbing poses and aman somehow tricked us in stripping and he definitely had a gala time photographed us 4 in those poses which are hard to forget. After having some fun for a while in water we started searching for woods for campfire. We managed to have a nice luking fire in no time, started singing and dark starry night covered us. We all forget the tough time we had so far, no one was any more worry about nething. That night i saw the more no of stars that i ever saw in whole of my life. That night was looking amazing. Its like I’ve randomly been smacked up the head with awesomeness. Totally wasn’t expecting the night to be like this!

At around 730 we heard some sound in water and soon we found 3 men carrying lartens in their hands walking towards us. Those were boatwalas. We were delighted! On our way back to the shore, for whole 1 hour we keep on singing all 70’s ,80’s hits to keep the water alive. And even the stars in sky chorus sings, a celestial melody to the water below.It was a scintillating memory to see our fire still burning deep into the Island. We reached the land and happily handed over the 800 bucks to boatwalas. To be true the effort they put in riding tht thing was worth more then that. We reached our hotel, had dinner and came to the consensus that we can’t afford to have trek now as we all were damn tired and we still had to cover 5-6 hrs back to Mumbai on bikes. Some mean forces made me to sleep on bed with yogesh, i was all terrified and sleep on the edge of my bed the whole damn night. We left at around 830ish in the morning after having breakfast from the hotel. Had lunch at BTC in thane on our way back.
We reached hostel happy and sound at around 230 in the afternoon. Everyone was tired so no one realized how beautiful it is to travel until each one of us came home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

It was my longest journey on bike with my friends and i really enjoyed it, we really enjoyed it. We all knew in our hearts that time the longest journey must take is the eighteen inches from our head to our heart. So We surely gonna have much more of gala time together, doesn’t matter where we go and what we do. So i guess i already broke my keyboard enough, that’s it for now, will keep posting later on.

When the placements haven’t started and actually in the last placement i saw tht many people follow many totkas and all kinda superstitious stuff before their interviews, i always felt it a bit stupid..But now im in ring..though i didn’t followed all the stuff that feel is crap..
Its just that i wore same shirt which i myself tagged it as my lucky shirt for some no reason, over and over again. After first few interviews it got sweaty and ironed over and over again. Did few more things which some of you nerds might think of as crazzy but whatever. Not writing here for some manoti copyrights and censor issues.

Okay enuff back to business..after having the first interview i waited for next seven days to face was the choice  i made to wait skipping few interviews in bw..Unfortunately and to my surprise and adding to my tension this decision was  right according to few and was wrong according to another few..

Mistake was that i talked with many people(read irreverent) and unnecessary busted my mind and in bw got hold of few special friends who really helped me in my decision making process. All this time i knew that im going to get into company i like but was worry and tensed from inside that wat my parents wud be thinking of me right now. I don’t know how to pour this into words or say this but whenever im in trouble and needed to boost up my confidence i got a call from my parents. This time was no exception. Dad talked with me for like 20 mins with me on phone and and as soon as i hang up i knew what i had to do and all my trouble went in a blink. He just told me, not to worry or panic and just prioritize your parameters, you already have a job you wanted so just wait till you find a company with better work profile than this one.
One of my friend also has told me the same thing sometime back but when dad said this thing, i got relieved.

So I was in for Market Rx’s on 7th day. I gave this interview keeping in mind tht i don’t want this one..and it  worked..He asked me 2-3 puzzles..Two of them were some probability based and one was of river crossing..after solving them he gave a sentence to fill in.
It was : I is ?
I thought and first wrote alphabet and after crossing it out i said vowel..he smiled..
i knew tht i was half way between i messed up with company name.. said market research instead of market rx..he laughed..
His face transitions in this 20 mins told me that im in for 2nd interview and within 5 mins he called me for this  guy was bit more serious. Interview went for 30 mins where he was trying to convince me that i have skills for all the sector but analytics and all this time i was doing otherwise.. so in the end i  didn’t got through..was sad as soon as i heard this but as i got my senses back i realized tht its good for me only..

Was shortlisted for Sony Japan and just before it was scheduled to arrive, news came that Sony is shedding 80,000 jobs worldwide. Still those 15 Japanese came to India. It seemed much that they came to party then to select candidates.

We(wing mates) as sincere descendants, followed the ages old legacy of our wing’s forefathers. Our wing was jinxed that no one would going to get a job as long as the person who has already got in near past has left the wing. It was said and written and we started justifying it with full faith!

First Sahil got job in db, he was in wing for next 5-6 days and left for home. Just after that aman got into market rx..when he left yogi got into sabre and when he left dhakad cracked mecon..and just when i was hoping its now my turn guess what happened..yogi came bak to wing..hona kya cud i disobey the age old tradition..companies came and went and i didn’t left the ground.. :((

Neways then this company came and i didn’t believe it when i saw its jaf. It has precisely the contents i was looking for. I gave its written test and got a place in 30 shortlisted. While i was waiting for my turn for interview one person came out after his interview and told that they were asking nothing but mathematics.. statistics.. expectations.. probability and all.. as soon as i heard this my eyes got flashed and i knew that this is the chance i tht was the course i had read recently and was good at. I knew that very few people over there were familiar of this. My turn came and they asked me something like 3 dozen questions on Stats..  Probability.. Analytic Maths..after this interview i had no doubt tht i won’t make this round. And i did..9 selected out of 30 and went in for more grilling mathematics interview. This time panel has got more people and far from my expectations this was a stress interview. They asked me questions mostly on resume and general knowledge and watever i answered they said that its wrong..but i stick to them. After interview i was all tensed and had feeling that im not going to make this one. Felt relieved actually when all candidates who went thru that panel came out feeling the same.

Finally list came and i found my name on top. Mission Accomplished. So happy ending for the story.Thanks to the stars for favoring me in time. Except a little less pay package everything was exactly i dreamed of!

Came back to hostel, met wingies..and yea i broke that jinx our wing has got 😀